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it's meaningless without you
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sports anime are so intense like slow the fuck down it’s high school not the olympics u dont need to go ‘nyoom’ all the time sit down maybe eat a snickers u might feel better

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Yamori ordered me to count out loud backward by sevens from one thousand.
This instruction, which I didn't understand at first,
is something I now realize was to keep me as sane as possible. I was clinging to these numbers. Meanwhile, Yamori took my hands and feet...
again and again, and AGAIN. And now...IT'S MY TURN
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kenma and kuroo lady ver. again…

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Tsukiyama "Actual Trash" Shuu | Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3 

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knights and princes

more like an au that I rp with my friend where Armin was dreaming about finging at least one magical creature in the modern world.. and then found whole magical kingdom and had to stay there - those are scenes that I picked from the rp

about dancing - this is related

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