i want to marry klavier gavin

I had to ( ̄ω ̄)

I had to ( ̄ω ̄)


i held a baby kangaroo today though

what are you doing with your life


i swear she will sleep anywhere except her own bed


i’m not usually a praying girl but if you’re out there, madoka, 


Next up in my line of acoustic covers of vidya game songs - Apollo’s objection theme from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

A brilliant tune from a lesser known game series. The Ace Attorney games have you playing as a lawyer solving murder cases, all presented in a quirky, extravagant, over-the-top anime style. This theme plays when Apollo makes an objection in court, complete with quick-moving colours in the background and sound effects that would fit right into a Dragon Ball Z fight sequence.

If that wacky premise doesn’t appeal to you, you can still appreciate the powerful simplicity of this piece, with its syncopated rhythms and dissonant double-stops.

If that still doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe listen to it just to try to hear my Funkytown ringtone that was accidentally recorded when my phone rang while doing a guitar track.



what if dio brando said nya at the end of every sentence





my favorite thing in dual destinies so far is klavier’s snapping i’m in love

aiichirou nitori defense squad